We are Sorry to Report
Prairie Roots Food Co-op Grocery Store is Closed.
Thank You for All Your Past Support.

Upcoming Meetings:
The Prairie Roots Food Co-op Board will meet at 7 p.m. in fellowship hall at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 1710 5th St. S, Fargo, on the following dates, with the Community Fund Board meeting at 8 p.m., or immediately following, the Co-op meeting.

Monday, April 6

March 16 Meeting: Future of the Co-op
Of course, all Board meetings are open to member-owners, but, at the March 16 meeting, we will have time set aside on the agenda for dialogue regarding the future of the Co-op. This is meant to be a time of exploration, brainstorming and a free exchange of ideas, without judgment. While we are not at the point where any specific decisions can be made, we know there are member-owners hungry to have dialogue around this topic, and we are too! Please make plans to join us if you are interested in this discussion.
*** The March 16 public meeting and discussion was postponed.  Please look for updates about the conversation of the future of Prairie Roots via emails from the Board.  ***

For additional information about the Cooperative organization, factors and logistics related to closing the store, and the Co-op’s future, please read the FAQ document put together by the Board of Directors.