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Healthy Lunches with Nancy Kvamme
August 16th from 10 to 11am

Join us in the Community from on Thursday, August 16th to learn how to make healthy lunches for the school year. This one hour class will teach kids ages 8+ In how to create a colorful, fun, and nutritious Bento school lunch. Included is this exciting cooking class is Classic Chicken Salad for One made with Yogurt dressing, All-American Crustless Apple Pie, and an assortment of fruits, veggies and whole grains to inspire little taste buds!

Sign up at the Healthy Hands Cooking website: https://www.healthyinstructor.com/nancy-kvamme/upcomingclasses/whyfruitsandveggiesareanimportantpartofamealhealthylunchallamerican4

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