If you haven’t tried the food on the hot-bar lately you are missing out!  Our fabulous cook provides a variety of delicious foods in addition to our daily soup and salad bar offerings.  To see what is on the menu for the day, check out our Facebook page.  Don’t forget we also offer a variety of grab-n-go items!

Sunday Brunch is now serving from 9am – 2pm.  It features a variety of items, some of which may include: eggs benedict, french toast, sausage, biscuits and gravy, fresh fruit, oatmeal, and yogurt.  Vegan and gluten free items are also available.  The current brunch menu is posted every Sunday on our Facebook page.

We also also will have available our Soups, Salad Bar, and Sandwiches in the deli.   And our deli features Equal Exchange Coffee and House-made Chai every day.

Prairie Roots now offers BREAKFAST Monday through Saturday!   During the week, try our new breakfast sandwiches.  We also have fresh scones, muffins, and cinnamon rolls baked daily.  And our deli features Equal Exchange Coffee and House-made Chai every day.

Come Hang Out

We are not one to do something half way. We wanted to provide you with all the departments and items you expect to find in a traditional store and many that you weren’t — a little icing on the cake. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please do ask.

We are delighted to help.


We believe eating within the season is vital to good health. With this in mind, we have stocked the store with local, healthy fruits and veggies. We also think it’s important to know where food is grown. 


Not just a food shop, we also offer a full line of grocery and household items. We hope the convenience of shopping the food co-op for all your weekly items allows for an extra moment for an enjoyable cup of tea in the cafe.


The deli is fully stocked with an easy convenient grab-n-go refrigerated case filled with salsa, dips, prepared foods, beverages and more. For a quick and tasty meal there is also a make your own salad bar/hot food and soup bar — you can eat in or take it home to enjoy. We also have  4 on-tap kombucha flavors!


What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. With this in mind we offer a full line of natural based hair care and body care products including great smelling soaps. A full line of essential oils, lip balms and more goodies as well!

Community Room

Our community room offers a cafe seating area when not being used for classes or events.  There’s more seating by the checkouts and outside the store. Plus, we offer free wi-fi so feel free to stay awhile!

If you’re interested in booking the space for your next meeting, book club, workshop or party, email info@PrairieRoots.Coop or call the store! We’d love to host you. Plus, members get to use the space twice per month for free!

Family Friendly

We love having families and kids shop at our grocery store and designed the grocery store with YOU in mind. Kids can help themselves to a free piece of healthy fresh fruit, and we even have kid-size shopping carts. Our free co-op coloring book is available too, with fun and silly pictures, and even an intricate grown-up coloring page for mom or dad. Our dedicated Mother’s Room is a quiet, private place to nurse or take a break in a comfy chair. The community room has a special table just for the kids so they can have a snack or meal at a table that’s just the right size for them.

Special Diets

We have gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options in our deli and throughout the store.
Gluten free options in our store are marked to make them easy for you to find. Some of our gluten free items include:

  • Crunchmaster multigrain crackers
  • Cello Cheese Whisps (100% cheese crackers)
  • Schar breads & ciabatta
  • Simple Mills crackers and baking mixes